Our Cargoes of Creativity

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We believe “Creativity is Intelligence having Fun” (Einstein) and apply this philosophy to all our work. We take an intelligent approach to creativity knowing that it leads to growth – of individuals, communities and businesses.
We also take a fun approach, knowing that people who are happy and inspired lead inspirational lives. We are always looking at ways to create exciting packages and would be delighted to talk to you about how we can enhance your organization’s achievements. Here are some examples of the packages we can offer.
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The Poetry Postie

Delivering poetic inspiration to the nation !
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Art Galleries and Museums

Engaging new audiences and celebrating collections with innovative, interactive projects and performances
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Creative Consultancy

Inspirational creativity sessions to unlock the potential in your business.
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Education Programmes

Creative literacy inspiration days including instant songwriting, create-a-book, edible poetry and interactive storymaking and poems with The Poetree
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Colourful and quirky performances for your festival.
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Children's Books

Creative Director Sally Crabtree has designed and written many books for major publishers such as Macmillan, Scholastic and Random House. Her latest best selling sing-a-long CD/animation books include The Magic Train Ride and Funny Fleas and Silly Seas
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Object Project

Objects inspire new creations such as stories, songs, poems and animations which are featured in an interactive cabinet of curiosities
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Event Management

We deliver all our packages professionally with a keen awareness of your organisation’s objectives. We provide a detailed delivery plan, risk assessment and insurance and will follow up with key learnings which can be shared by your staff/volunteers after the event. We can also event management larger projects involving other artists, providing value for money through a single co-ordinated programme.
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